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The only complete platform for network marketing teams.

Protect Yourself

Give your business a system that is constantly updated with the latest methods and tools, turning the tide to attract new leaders instead of having your remaining leaders leave for more modern teams.

And if your company should ever switch from the MLM to affiliate model you can retain the team you worked so hard to build, and leverage our multi-level payouts to help replace that lost revenue.


Start each team member with an affordable and simple push-button platform, and allow them to grow into more advanced features at their own pace.

Instead of trying to piece together several systems to give your team what it needs, choose a provider that has everything you need, all designed specifically for network marketing, and at an affordable price for everyone on your team. 

A simple, fully managed system, that will serve you for decades to come. 


Maximize productivity and get your time back by delegating your team coaching to our team of experienced network marketers.

We have our collective finger on the pulse of what’s working now across many different companies, and more importantly, we can prepare your business for what’s just around the corner.

Just a Taste

Unique features for a unique business model.

Facebook Group Management

Facebook group members are imported into the CRM with their group answers validated... no more missing answers, bogus emails, and invalid mobile numbers. 

Approved members are then provided with the onboarding you choose, which can vary based on their answers. This custom onboarding can include a welcome message (email, text or Messenger) and tagging them in a welcome post specific to their goals... personalized automation is a game changer!

Automated Parties

Whether your team runs virtual parties in Facebook Groups or in Messenger Group chats, they can be fully automated. And we can even help with old-school home parties!

Create an automation for a party that includes all the scheduled posts or messages, reminders going out before the party (email, text or Messenger), nurture messages during the party, and follow up tasks for each attendee so that everyone gets a follow up.

You can then share the party automation with your team and everyone can use it for their parties, with the group name, the host name, and the consultant name all replaced automatically anywhere it appears in the scheduled posts and messages!

True Automation

Competing tools do only one thing at a time. You have to tell it to import the comments on one post, wait for that to finish, then you go tell it to import your new group members, wait for that to finish, etc. 

That's not automation, that's bulk operations.

Our tool is always checking for new post comments, checking for new group members, checking for new people in your custom friends lists, sending out your scheduled posts, Messenger messages, emails and text messages, doing whatever you have asked it to do, without your intervention

Now THAT is true automation!

The Deep Dive

Everything you need.

Team Leader Plans

All team leader plans include:

  • All the features of our Pro plan (described farther below) are included in your account.
  • Unlimited free team member accounts so they can access your team training.
  • Each team member account can be upgraded to access additional features and shared content, including pre-built automations, message templates, posts library, files, etc.
  • Earn 20% from all your team member plans!
  • Brand yourself! Your brand name, your brand domain, and your brand color are used for your team website, your team back office, and your team Chrome extension.
  • Technical support via the ticketing system.
  • Ongoing updates to the software as the technology changes.


$5K Setup + $297/mo

This is the "do it yourself" option for the smaller team to get started.

  • We upload your team member onboarding.
  • We provide standard pre-built automations.
  • We provide training for those automations.

$10K Setup + $297/mo

This is the budget "done for you" system to get your team off to a great start.

  • We provide the team member onboarding to your specifications.
  • We provide the pre-built automations to your specifications.
  • We provide training specific to your automations.

$20K Setup + $3997/mo

This is the full "white glove" service for a smooth running team.

  • We provide all the onboarding and ongoing training for your team.
  • We provide group coaching to nurture your team and build your leaders.
  • We provide a monthly report on team progress.

Team Member Plans

Each team member starts with a free account to get access to the team training. 

They may also add the following plans, for which you earn 20% commission!

Automated Parties


Automated Facebook group parties.

  • Basic contacts.
  • Auto-import Messenger contacts, custom Friends lists, and Facebook group members.
  • Individual and bulk Messenger messaging.
  • Automated Facebook group party posting.
  • Giveaway management.

Social CRM


Core components for managing people, time and activity.

  • Full-feature contact management (CRM).
  • Auto-import Messenger contacts, custom Friends lists, and Facebook group members.
  • Full Messenger and Facebook integration, you can work right inside social.
  • Customer journey management with auto-created follow-up tasks.
  • Individual and bulk Messenger, email and text messaging.
  • Automated appointment scheduling with RSVP management.
  • Basic opt-in funnels.


Includes both of the previous plans features and adds a suite of AI, automation, and time saving features.

  • Automated nurture sequences (email, text, or Messenger).
  • Automated parties in Facebook groups and Messenger group chats.
  • Import Facebook group member answers.
  • Facebook group member onboarding.
  • Tag people in Facebook posts.
  • Importing and responding to post comments.
  • Scheduled posting to your Facebook profile, pages and groups.
  • Automated birthday messages.
  • Advanced funnels.
  • Dictation: speak instead of type.
  • AI Assistant for all content creation and responding to messages.


Includes the "advanced" plan features and adds influencer, e-Commerce and virtual assistant features.

  • Virtual assistants and the ability to assign contacts to them.
  • Coaching tools and selling courses.
  • e-Commerce.
  • Website and blogging.
  • Facebook advertising integration.
  • Import members from other peoples Facebook groups.
  • Advanced page builder with animations.

Add-On Features

These can be added to any paid plan...


Setup Cost

Monthly Cost

Registered Domain Name



Transferred Domain Name


Subdomain Name


Business Email Address


Business Telephone Number (for texting)



Multiple Languages


Network Marketing Team (with website)


Coaching Business (with website)


Usage Costs

These charges cover usages for any account, paid or not.



Email Address Validation (1000)


Outgoing Emails (1000)


Incoming Text Messages


Outgoing Text Messages


Incoming Call Minutes


Outgoing Call Minutes


Page Views (1000)


Resource Storage (GB) (images, videos, PDFs, etc.)


Message Storage (GB)


Contact Storage (GB)


Audio and Video Transcription Minutes


Language Translation Words (1000)


AI Words Sent and Received (1000)


Meet Your Partners

We do it best because Network Marketing is all we do.

Dominique Lacerte

Co-Founder and CEO

As a two time award winning innovator in the field of software development I bring over 30 years of tech experience to Social Attache.

When I was a young child my mom started her network marketing journey. We had recently moved and she did not speak English, so against the advice of her upline she became one of the first to use a pre-recorded presentation and I became her IT guy, hooking up the VCR for her home party presentations.

40 years later I am still building solutions specific to this audience!

Cathy Callahan

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing

I am a former school teacher turned top network marketing recruiter, a sought-after speaker to network marketing companies and teams on the topics of virtual parties and systems, a Certified Maxwell Leadership Team Member, and long time coach in personal growth, business and sales strategy, and leadership development.

As co-founder of Social Attache, I help network marketers build and scale online businesses. I use my experience as a teacher to explain ideas and concepts, break down the complex, and teach how to create a business using systems that are simple, fun and effective!

I have some very active kids and I can often be found building my empire out of my closet (the only quiet place I can find).

Kathy Andrews

Director of Client Success

I began my journey as a business process consultant and trainer for a marketing software company, but then left to be home with my kids, one of whom has special needs and requires more of my time.

It was during this transition that I was introduced to Network Marketing and this was a life changing experience. As a result I am now a Certified Health Coach and founder of The Sweet Life healthy living community

I now bring all of this experience to my role helping our client leaders build a community to nurture their team members towards success through positivity and education.

Lindsay Begin

Director of Affiliate Success

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and built a multi 7 figure direct sales team during that time.

I came to Social Attache initially to use the tools in my business, but then I saw the greater potential and impact the tools and training could make in the industry and decided to join the team and help spread the word.

I now help other entrepreneurs build an additional stream of income by doing what network marketers do best… sharing!

Sarah Brown

Team Onboarding Specialist

Bio pending.

Rhodora Cadiz

Team Onboarding Specialist

A couple of years ago, I embarked on an exhilarating journey into the dynamic world of online marketing. Since then, I’ve meticulously honed my skills, mastering the art of creating compelling experiences across various software platforms.

Driven by a passion for helping network marketers thrive online, I now leverage my extensive experience in crafting engaging funnels, websites, and automations for our clients through the Social Attache software suite. 

My focus is on helping network marketers boost conversions, enhance customer engagement, and achieve substantial business growth.

Waleed Mazhar

IT Lead

I have over 12 years of experience in developing and maintaining a wide range of applications deployed in cloud infrastructure. I specialize in optimizing performance, managing security best practices, and planning for fault tolerance and recovery. 

I am passionate about providing the very best experience to our clients through a stable and always available platform.

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